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I'm Tiago, your friendly photographer who discovered his passion in the lively scenery of Brazil 15 years ago.

In a way, it seems as though wedding photography found me, instead of the other way around. There's something profoundly captivating about celebrating love and human connection in their most sincere forms – it just resonates with my soul.

Through the years, I've had the pleasure of encapsulating the radiant joy and profound love of countless couples from around the world, all caught up in the beautiful whirlwind of their wedding day.

What's my approach, you ask? I thrive on authenticity. I patiently seek out those elusive moments when couples, caught up in their joy and oblivious to my lens, reveal their purest emotions. It's in these unplanned, heartfelt instances that the most priceless memories are preserved.

“Kindness is invincible.”

Based in San Diego, CA, and Available for Destination Weddings:

We are proudly located in the vibrant city of San Diego, California. While we love capturing local love stories, we're also thrilled to announce that we're available for destination weddings. Whether you're dreaming of a beach ceremony in San Diego or a picturesque celebration in a far-off destination, we're here to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Beyond my life behind the camera, I'm blessed with a wonderful family. My partner in life and work, Renata, recently joined the business, and our two fur babies add a touch of lovable chaos to our lives (though their photography skills still leave much to be desired!).

I'm so glad for this guys!

I've found balance and mindfulness through my engagement with the teachings of stoicism, yoga, and Buddhism. These principles have helped me become not only a calm, adaptable, and easy-to-work-with professional, but they've also enriched my personal life.
My mission here is to turn your happiest memories into tangible treasures that’ll always remind you of moments when the love between you and your partner mattered the most. 

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